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A budget planner can be a great tool to combat overspending and to support your savings goals. Our budget planning calculator even allows you to set specific savings targets by category and gives you insight on how you can maximize those savings through investing.

If you're unsure of how to create a budget, we've got some great tips to help get you started. Learn how using a budget planner can work to your advantage by reading our FAQs below.


Why use a budget planner calculator?

Our Budget Planning Calculator will do all of the heavy lifting as far as tracking your spending goes. That takes the pressure to constantly count the pennies off of your plate.

For the average person, it's tough to keep track of how much you're making and how purchases can adversely affect your broader goals.

After all, purchasing a cookie here and a cup of coffee there isn't going to hurt your future, right? True, but getting one every day or multiple times a day absolutely can.

Instead, imagine being able to take $300.00 worth of coffee spending each year and turn it into $7000.00 or more over the course of 10 years via targeted investments. That would be an additional $3400.00 over your 10-year principal savings!

In this way, our budget planner calculate is excellent for helping you set caps on incremental purchases that can snowball into something big.

Why spend less money?

Money enables us to do incredible things.

It lets us share special moments with family on vacation. It allows us to take much-needed breaks from work and helps us spend the last years of our lives enjoying ourselves as opposed to working.

When you start managing money responsibly, you'll start making money work for you rather than you for it.

That role-reversal is powerful and will vastly improve the quality of your existence.

Budget planning can help you set and manage your financial goals. Using a budget planner can bring a bevy of benefits to your money management abilities and to your broader life.

We recommend letting our Budget Planning Calculator inspire you to commit to setting a budget, finding a quality planner, and starting down the path to financial freedom!

How do I stop overspending?

Using a budget planner is a significant first step to fight overspending.

Whether you decide to save our cloud based calculator to the home screen of your smart phone, or opt to download your favorite budgeting app, they are both a step in the right direction.

With a budget planner, you'll be able to see where your money is going and where it isn't. This insight can be enlightening.

For example, maybe 20% of your income is going towards monthly entertainment expenses, while another 25% is going towards shopping.

Seeing where your money is going plainly allows you to easily shift your spending into categories that can have a bigger impact on you or a loved one's life.

Applying Your Budget

While working with a budget planner and adjusting your spending habits will be difficult at first, over time, you will see that things get easier. You will wonder to yourself why it used to be that you needed to eat out every day or go to the movies every weekend.

By forcing changes in your habits based on the insight of your budget, eventually, those changes will become your new habits and those habits will move you towards a brighter financial future.

How can I make budgeting more enjoyable?

A lot of planning tools and applications for budgets make setting goals for yourself and tracking spending fun.

1. Download Budgeting Apps

Manually tracking your spending with our Budget Planning Calculator can be an effective way to check up on your spending habits with no strings attached.

Other apps can be linked to your bank account and categorize your purchases for you. For that reason, we recommend finding a fun budgeting tool that fills you with joy when you use it!

Did you know that some budget planning tools even allow you to work with other people simultaneously on your savings goals? It's true!

2. Create Friendly Competition

To add extra fun to your budgeting experience, find ways to turn saving into a game with your friends or partner.

Figure out who can save more on food in a month or who can come up with affordable alternatives to expensive weekend entertainment splurges!

3. Make Budgeting Convenient

Most budget planners exist as multi-platform cloud-based applications. All of that jargon suggests that your budget will be available on any device anywhere you are.

For instance, you can save this page to the home screen of your smartphone and use it any time you have wi-fi or an internet connection.

This means you can be confident that you'll be able to track and manage your budget not only from home but on vacation, business trips, and from just about anywhere else!

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